Industrial Temperature Sensors specializes in the manufacture of temperature sensors. A large variety of sensors for all industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, process, heavy industry foundries & many more. An array of hand held probes with digital thermometers to conform with the many health & safety standards and guidelines. Manufactured solid drilled thermowells & fabricated thermo pockets with many process connections from threaded, flanged & sanitary type connections.

The story

The company TfA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1964 through Heinz Dostmann. The first products were simple mechanical thermometers. Due to new developments and the enlargement of the range of products the firm grew fast. Today Tfa manufactures barometers, bi-metal and liquid filled glass thermometers, hair-synthetic and bi-metal hygrometers, compasses as well as complete weather stations. Today the company of more than 100 employees is the market leader. In the year 1986 the production of electronic thermometers was released. 1993 the sales and the production were hiven off TfA Dostmann GmbH & Co.KG - the firm Dostmann electronic GmbH was founded through Heinz and Ralph Dostmann. The firm manufactures high precision measuring instruments for temperature, humidity, pressure and current. In the range of temperature instruments of an accuracy of +/-0.03°C are produced. These products are of highest quality level and are used in the chemistry and pharmacy as well as in QS-laboratories of the industry. Since 1994 also industry controls for the mechanical engineering are constructed. 1996 Dostmann electronic got the DIN ISO 9001 certificate. The production rooms are still at TfA Dostmann GbmH & Co. KG in Wertheim-Reicholzheim. The company of 10 employees is today still owned through the family and is connected to TfA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG.

The profile

We are devoted to solving your problems where Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Flow is concerned. These products are used extensively in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Quality Assurance Laboratories, where our customers demand high quality products. Our strive for quality excellence was confirmed by achieving DIN ISO 9001 status and the formation of our own in-house calibration laboratory. All working transfer standards are traceable to the German National Standards Laboratory (PTB) or equivalent European Institute. Our main objectives (besides profitable growth)are customer satisfaction, improving the working environment of our employees and continuous process development. We are also committed to our environmental responsibilities by maximising the use of recycled materials in both production and packaging. We would be very obliged if we'll get the opportunity to prove our high quality and excellent (customer)service.